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Surgical Menopause Linked to Steeper Cognitive Decline

A study presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 65th annual meeting studied the effects of early surgical menopause on cognitive function. Results show that early surgical menopause leads to a steeper cognitive decline than natural menopause. The study analyzed … Continue reading

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Menstrual Irregularities Part-3

So, what about ovulation? Doesn’t menstruation mean I am ovulating and that I can get pregnant? Possibly. Ovulation may begin with menarche or it may not. When there is no ovulation, you are going through anovulatory cycles. Pregnancy it has … Continue reading

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Living with Menopause:

Once you have entered menopause, you will find yourself free of most of the symptoms of pre and peri-menopause, particularly the menstrual problems i.e. irregularity, heavy flow etc. Not only that, but you may even find yourself more energetic and … Continue reading

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More Questions related to menopause

Menopause is still considered a taboo subject and is not open to public discussions. Women find it easier to rely on word of mouth than consulting an authority on the subject. Some even look at menopause as a dreaded evil.

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Normal Menopause – what happens actually?

Understanding your normal physiology There are numerous popular fads regarding menopause. Some, like getting a tubal reversal after 5 years of tubal ligation can induce menopause, are absurd, while others, such as hot flashes, are certainly true. In order to … Continue reading

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Going through Premenopause

We can look at 45 as a usual time when premenopausal symptoms first appear. Unlike the popular misconception, premenopause does not only refer to irritability and mood swings but a whole set of distinct physiological symptoms. These symptoms may be … Continue reading

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Although we started with tubal ligation, we will proceed with this health education in a systematic fashion. The reason we wrote about tubal ligation before anything else is because we received most of the queries pertaining to tubal reversal, the … Continue reading

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