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Tubal Reversal and MTR

Tubal Reversal and MTR are the same. MTR stands for Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis. For many reasons (ie lifestyle and financial problems), women make the decision that they do not want to have any more babies. They decide to proceed with … Continue reading

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Precautions After Tubal Reversal

After tubal reversal surgery, you will become very eager to start planning your pregnancy. You will dream of holding your cute new baby in your arms. You will start planning to welcome the new member of the family. This is … Continue reading

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Pregnancy with less tubal length

Tubal reversal is the process of reattaching the fallopian tubes that were separated in the tubal ligation process. It is now completely possible to reverse this procedure for those couples who change their mind and decide that they want to … Continue reading

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After tubal reversal

After tubal reversal, patients are discharged home within the same day of surgery. Tubal reversal surgery is an outpatient procedure. After tubal reversal, patients may experience some bleeding from the vagina due to the tubal reversal procedure. Patients may also have … Continue reading

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Tubal Sterilization Reversal

Sterilization is the process in which spores, living cells and viruses are completely destroyed. While “tubal sterilization” does not actually ‘kill’ anything, a tubal ligation will prevent the sperm from swimming to the egg for fertilization. When a physician performs … Continue reading

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Tubal reversal sugery

Tubal Ligation reversal is done through a microsurgical technique. This is the reason that tubal reversal surgery is also known as microsurgical tubal reanastomosis. For the tubal reversal surgery procedure, doctors will first test the patient and perhaps the partner to … Continue reading

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What is Ligation reversal?

Before discussing about ligation reversal we will discuss about Tubal ligation. Tubal ligation permanently blocks the fallopian tube through which women are able to conceive a baby. Tubal ligation is generally regarded as a permanent solution to prevent a pregnancy. … Continue reading

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Can a woman become pregnant even after child birth control?

Quite a large number of women who undergo the procedure known as tubal ligation to prevent them from having more children will eventually change their minds. For some women the reason that they choose to have the procedure reversed is … Continue reading

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