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The Important Things to Hasten Recovery Time After Tubal Reversal

Tubal Reversal Recovery
The Important Things The Doctors Should Do To Hasten Recovery Time After Tubal Reversal Women who have decided to undergo tubal reversal are usually concerned about their recovery time. Every woman wants to know the time she will take to return to their normal activities. Some women start recovering after a week or so and some women take six weeks or longer just to start performing a few light duties. There are some reasons of this difference. Perhaps the main reason of the differences in re

How to Choose the Best Tubal Reversal Doctor and Clinic

Tubal Reversal Doctor
Many women have the idea of tubal reversal surgery that it can restore their pregnancy. Those want to restore their fertility after having tubal ligation often visit their local doctors to seek their advice. Some women go to their fertility specialists for this purpose. It is important to explain that all doctors or fertility specialists are not familiar with tubal reversal. Some have only a limited knowledge and information about their treatment. Some doctors are familiar with tubal ligation

Tubal Reversal Center Fertility Boost: Limit Refined Sugar

Tubal Reversal and Fertility
Tubal reversal patients are often concerned about their diet. They want to know how they get their body in optimum shape for conception. While there is no specific fertility diet, there are ways to change your current diet to ensure a healthy environment for conception after tubal reversal. If your body has to manage other diseases or deficiencies, it may not be ready for pregnancy. One way to do this is to limit your refined sugar. The American Heart Association suggests that women ea

Tubal Ligation Reversal: Early Signs of Pregnancy

Signs of Pregnancy
Tubal ligation reversal surgery restores a woman’s ability to conceive after a tubal ligation. Dr. Morice’s tubal reversal patients are always excited to get pregnant after the procedure. Many patients will chart their cycles, stay active, and eat well to prepare their body for pregnancy. They will do the deed with their partner when it is time. But then what? Waiting around to find out if you are pregnant or not can be tough. Knowing the early signs can help quell those nerves. Here are

Newborn Exposure to Allergens Decreases Risk of Allergy and Asthma

Newborn Exposure
Dr. Morice and his tubal reversal patients love protecting their babies. Tubal ligation reversal patients are careful to ensure their baby’s environment is as close to perfect as can be. Some moms will even admit to getting a little too germaphobic in those first few years of life. Previous research has shown, however, that an environment that’s too clean may increase a child’s risk of allergies. One study in 2012 found that children raised on northern Indiana farms had a much lower

Tubal Reversal with Dr. Morice: Cell Phone Use Decreases Sperm Quality

Sperm Quality
Last week we published a post on how men can increase their fertility. Dr. Morice’s tubal reversal patients are always looking for ways to boost their fertility. Since then, researchers have published a new finding that we think our tubal ligation reversal patients will want to know. The researchers noticed that infertility rates are at about 14% in middle and high income countries. About 40% of the infertility cases are caused by male factor infertility. Sperm quality has been declinin

Tubal Reversal: New Experimental Therapy Protects Fertility During Chemotherapy

Tubal Reversal and Fertility
Patients interested in tubal reversal are often in the know of the latest fertility developments. We hope our patients never have to undergo chemotherapy, but an experimental new treatment for women who do is quite exciting. Chemotherapy is very harsh on the system. Most women who undergo aggressive chemotherapy face the risk of losing their fertility. This can be devastating to young women who were still planning on having children. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a current solution t

Tubal Reversal with Dr. Morice: 5 Ways Men Can Boost Their Sperm Quality

Boost Sperm Quality
Dr. Morice performs tubal ligation reversal surgery in Morgan City, Louisiana. Dr. Morice knows that his tubal reversal patients want to do everything they can to get pregnant. His patients are always asking what foods they should eat, how much exercise they should get, and other factors that may help boost their fertility. The male’s role in fertility is often overlooked, however. Men need to ensure they are also doing what they can to improve their chances of conception.   1)

Tubal Reversal: Ensuring a Healthy Child

Mothers Love
Tubal ligation reversal with Dr. Morice restores a woman’s fertility. Dr. Morice provides affordable tubal reversal for women from around the country. Our tubal reversal patients are always ecstatic when they conceive, and want to do everything they can to ensure their baby’s health while in the womb, as a child, and as an adult. Dr. Morice has long touted the benefits of both a healthy birth weight and breastfeeding for our tubal ligation reversal patients. A new study confirms that childr

Too Much, Too Little Weight Gain During Pregnancy May Lead to Childhood Obesity

Excessive_Weight_Gain_Pregnancy_Affect_Adolescence (1)
Dr. Morice and Atchafalaya Gynecology and Obstetrics specialize in tubal reversal surgery and infertility treatments. Dr. Morice also provides excellent OB-GYN care for women of all ages. Our patients are overjoyed by their pregnancies and want to make sure they’re doing everything they can to ensure a healthy baby. A new study analyzed the relationship between weight gain during pregnancy and childhood obesity. The study shows that gaining too little or too much during pregnancy can incre

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