Spotting after intercourse

When you make love and have pleasant feelings, sometimes you find that you start bleeding, and this may ruin the moment for many couples. Many women ask ‘why does this happen?’

The reasons are many. While this could be the beginning sign of some serious disease, usually it is not. You should consult your doctor because this may lead to problems like infertility issues, uterine polyps, fibroids, some vaginal infections, or a lack of estrogen in vagina to lubricate it.  These all can lead to the heavy menstruation with clots and other serious vaginal issues. Vaginal infections can be bacterial and may cause burning, itching, inflammation, and swelling.

Usually spotting after intercourse is caused from uterine bleeding, but may be from cervical bleeding as well. It may be due to a lack of lubrication from low levels of estrogen in the vagina. This makes the vaginal lining thing which can easily bruise during intercourse. If you are a breast feeding mom, this is very likely because breast feeding moms have less estrogen in the vagina.

Also, during intercourse, some women experience vaginal tears because of lack of lubrication or too rough sex. This can also be due to an infection that causes the cervix to become very sensitive and to bleed after intercourse.

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