Why You Should Choose Dr. Morice for Your Tubal Reversal

The promise of conception after tubal reversal surgery is a very exciting thing for our patients. The majority of our tubal reversal patients had their tubal ligation, or tubes tied, once they thought they were done having children. Circumstances changed, however, and they now want to have children again. We are so happy to be a part of making their dreams of a larger family come true.

When choosing where to have your tubal reversal surgery, many factors should be considered, including the tubal reversal cost, the skill of the doctor, and the quality of the facilities.

Tubal Reversal Cost

Dr. Morice offers the lowest priced tubal reversal surgery in the United States. He is able to perform tubal reversal surgeries for just $5,250. This includes all pre-operative and post-operative visits, your hospital time, and your anesthesia.

Dr. Morice is able to offer tubal reversal surgery at a lower cost than other doctors because he performs the procedure so frequently.

For our patients traveling to Morgan City from out of town, Dr. Morice has negotiated rates with the nearby hospitals to further lower the cost of your tubal reversal.

Skill and experience of Dr. Morice

Dr. Morice has been performing tubal reversal surgeries since 2000, and has performed the surgery over 1,000 times. He was trained during his chief residency at West Virginia University in reproductive endocrinology. Here, Dr. Morice perfected his skill of performing tubal reversals using surgical laparoscopy.

Today, Dr. Morice performs tubal reversals at a specialized surgery center.  His patients travel from around the world to visit him for their tubal reversal. His patients also have a high success rate. Approximately 75% of tubal reversal patients report conception after surgery. Success rates vary based on a number of factors. Read more about tubal reversal success rates on our website.

Quality of Surgical Facilities

Tubal ligation reversal surgery is safe and complications are rare, but it is still a surgery and should not be taken lightly. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your surgery will be performed in a well-equipped facility to prevent any complications and in case any complications do arise.

Dr. Morice’s patients visit the Atchafalaya Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic for their pre and post-operative office visits. The Atchafalaya Clinic is located next to the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest wetland in the US. Dr. Morice built the clinic in 2003. It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment including hi-definition imaging and laparoscopic surgery equipment. The clinic also offers Wi-Fi and flat screen televisions.

The tubal reversal procedure is performed at the surgery center in Houma, a short drive from the Atchafalaya clinic. Here, Dr. Morice performs a mini laparotomy to reconnect your fallopian tubes. Performing the procedure using these microsurgical techniques allows for only a small incision to be required and lessens the healing time. These are both benefits of our facilities and Dr. Morice’s training and precision that our patients appreciate very much.

Dr. Morice Offers Free Tubal Reversal Consultations

Are you interested in a tubal ligation reversal, but have questions? Give us a call at (985) 702-BABY or email us at drmorice@mybabydoc.com for a free tubal reversal consultation.


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