What is Ligation reversal?

Before discussing about ligation reversal we will discuss about Tubal ligation. Tubal ligation permanently blocks the fallopian tube through which women are able to conceive a baby. Tubal ligation is generally regarded as a permanent solution to prevent a pregnancy. When most women decide to have a tubal ligation, they are completely certain that they will not want more children for the rest of their life. But later, as life changes, many women wish to have another baby and desire a tubal reversal, also called ligation reversal.

Sometimes women do not want a ligation reversal to have a baby, but they would like to reverse any problems that they have had as a result of the tubal ligation. Some women complain that they have worsened periods, increased weight gain, and tubal ligation syndrome (pain after a tubal ligation). Although a tubal reversal does not always result in fixing these issues, some women do feel better after tubal reversal surgery.

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