Tubal Sterilization Reversal

Sterilization is the process in which spores, living cells and viruses are completely destroyed. While “tubal sterilization” does not actually ‘kill’ anything, a tubal ligation will prevent the sperm from swimming to the egg for fertilization. When a physician performs a tubal sterilization, the fallopian tube of the woman is blocked on each side to prevent this fertilization according to the woman’s wish not to have babies in future. Unfortunately, up to 15% of women regret this decision and after tubal sterilization they want to become pregnant again. Tubal sterilization reversal is a safe and effective method for those women who wish to become pregnant again.

In the Tubal Sterilization reversal process, doctors remove the blockage of fallopian tube to clear the way for a natural birth procedure. For tubal sterilization reversal women must be emotionally and physically prepared. The best candidates for tubal sterilization reversal are those women who have an adequate amount of fallopian tube left to reanastomose. A microsurgical tubal reanastomosis is best performed if the two sections of tube have a similar tubal diameter to reattach the fallopian tube back together.

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