Tubal Reversal with Dr. Morice: 5 Ways Men Can Boost Their Sperm Quality

Dr. Morice performs tubal ligation reversal surgery in Morgan City, Louisiana. Dr. Morice knows that his tubal reversal patients want to do everything they can to get pregnant. His patients are always asking what foods they should eat, how much exercise they should get, and other factors that may help boost their fertility. The male’s role in fertility is often overlooked, however. Men need to ensure they are also doing what they can to improve their chances of conception.

Tubal Reversal: Boost sperm quality


1) De-Stress: A recent study found that stress can degrade the quality, fertility, and shape of a man’s sperm. “Men who feel stressed are more likely to have lower concentrations of sperm in their ejaculate, and the sperm they have are more likely to be misshapen or have impaired motility,” says researcher Pam Factor-Litvak.


The study analyzed sperm samples from 193 men between the ages of 38 and 49 in Northern California. The researchers collected data on how stressed out the participants were. Indicators included work, life, and emotional stress levels and stressors. Men who were unemployed had lower sperm quality than employed men. However, workplace stress had a lower impact on sperm quality than life stress, such as stressful life events and emotional stress.


2) Limit Your TV Time: Yes, you thought you were an adult now and could watch tv as much as you wanted. Alas, a study has found a link between time spent watching tv and decreased sperm quality. Men who spent more than 20 hours/week watching television had 44% less sperm in their ejaculate than those who watched no tv. Researchers believe that a sedentary lifestyle reduces sperm count, and watching television contributes to that. This also leads us to our next way to increase sperm quality.


3) Break A Sweat Regularly: The same study that linked television time with lower sperm quality also linked hours spent working out to increased sperm quality. Men who worked out 15 or more hours a week had a 75% higher sperm count than those who worked out 5 hours per week or less.


4) Avoid Processed Meats: A second study found a link between processed meats, such as bacon, hot dogs, and hamburger, and decreased sperm quality. Researchers surveyed 156 participants on their food intake and then analyzed their sperm. Those with higher intake of processed meats had decreased sperm concentration and motility.


5) Eat More Fish. The above study also found a link between fish intake and increased sperm quality. “According to the research, white meat fish like cod and halibut were associated with a higher percentage of normal sperm. Salmon, tuna and other dark meat fish, on the other hand, were related to a higher total sperm count.”


It’s important to note that none of these tests were large enough to prove these links as applicable to the general population. However, they are useful to our tubal reversal couples to identify areas where they can improve their habits and boost chances of conception.


The success of our Tubal Ligation Reversal patients is a top priority for Dr. Morice, and he wants to equip you with all of the knowledge necessary to improve your chances.


Dr. Morice offers free tubal reversal consultations to help you decide if the surgery is right for you. If you are interested in tubal reversal surgery, call us at (985) 702-BABY today!

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