Tubal reversal sugery

Tubal Ligation reversal is done through a microsurgical technique. This is the reason that tubal reversal surgery is also known as microsurgical tubal reanastomosis. For the tubal reversal surgery procedure, doctors will first test the patient and perhaps the partner to make sure that the tubal reversal will not be performed on a women who might otherwise be infertile. These tests will help determine if the woman is a good candidate for a tubal reversal. The woman must be both physically and emotionally prepared for tubal reversal surgery as well.

Doctors also advise patients to take pre-natal vitamins, engage in as exercise regimen, and to stop smoking before tubal reversal surgery. This not only prepares patient and her partner physically, but also emotionally. Having tubal reversal surgery and a new pregnancy and baby is both very demanding and challenging.

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