Tubal Reversal Procedure in detail

For a tubal reversal procedure, many factors must be considered: the age of women, the length of the remaining fallopian tube segments, the damage caused by the tubal ligation process, and the fertility issues and medical conditions of both the woman and her partner. The general success rate for a tubal reversal surgery procedure may be as high as 90%, depending on these factors.

During a tubal reversal procedure, Dr. Morice will remove the blockage of the fallopian tube (scar tissue). Dr. Morice will then surgically put back together the two different ends of the fallopian tubes.

Before a tubal reversal , the patient should provide Dr. Morice with her operative reports, pathology reports (if any), partner’s semen analysis, and any present medical condition for a more complete evaluation of her chance of a successful tubal reversal.

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