Deposit due at scheduling $1500

Fee due before surgery  $4,799

$5,999 Total cost

(There is an additional 5% charge if using a credit card or CareCredit to pay)

We are proud to offer one of the lowest cost for Tubal Reversal Surgery, $5,999 only.
The professional tubal reversal doctor in the region, Dr. Natchez Morice (Trey) MD, MBA, FACOG offers tubal reversal surgery for the lowest price in Louisiana, United States.
The entire procedure, including pre and post-operative visits, anesthesia, and surgical suite, costs only $5,999, which a $1500.00 deposit is required to book and reserve your surgery date.

When the surgeries are offered?
Surgeries are done every Friday & Wednesday

Also important to be informed that the patients considering tubal reversal operation, in-vitro fertilization or tubal sterilization reversal, is half the cost of an average IVF treatment.

How is he able to offer the procedure at such an affordable cost?

Dr. Morice performs such a high number of tubal reversal surgeries that the surgery center offers their space to him at a discounted price, which Dr. Morice translates directly into lower prices for his patients. Nowhere else will you find an experienced and skilled surgeon that performs outpatient tubal reversal surgeries at such a low cost.

Payment Procedure

Once Dr. Morice has reviewed your medical history and confirmed you are a good candidate for tubal reversal surgery, you will need to schedule your appointment and pay a $1500 non-refundable deposit. The deposit ensures that all scheduled patients do everything they can to keep their appointment to help avoid last-minute cancellations.

Once the surgery has been scheduled, the remaining $4,799 can be paid at any time prior to your preoperative appointment, which is the day before your surgery. You can elect to pay it all at once or set up a payment plan with our office manager.

FinancingYour Tubal Reversal

Dr.Morice also accepts CareCredit , a credit company ran by GE Capital that helps patients securely finance their tubal reversal surgeries. CareCredit allows you to pay for the procedure over time instead of all at once, and offers benefits such as zero interest if payments are completed within a specified time period. Learn more and apply at www.carecredit.com.

Does Insurance Cover Tubal Reversal?

Insurance doesn’t typically cover tubal ligation reversal surgery, but we advise all patients to call their insurance provider to confirm. Since you have had a tubal ligation in the past, you now have a condition called “bilateral tubal occlusion”.

Because of this, your insurance company may cover a “ICD-9 = 628.2 and CPT = 58750. If the tubal reversal surgery is covered by your insurance, you will need to receive a check from your insurance company and then pay the surgery fee to our office. In most cases the amount of money that your insurance company pays (if they do) will be less than what Dr.Morice charges. You will have to pay the difference, as the tubal ligation reversal cost remains the same.

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