Tubal Reversal: 4 Pregnancy Mistakes To Avoid

Tubal ligation reversal is an excellent option for women who want to restore their fertility. Tubal reversal surgery allows a woman to conceive naturally. On average, 75% of Dr. Morice’s patients experience a successful pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery.

pregnant-woman-blue-dressWhile pregnancy is a very exciting time, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure the health of your baby. Today we will discuss 8 common mistakes that pregnant women make without even noticing. These apply to both tubal reversal patients and regular patients.

  1. Eating Too Much: Many women believe that once they are pregnant, they should increase their daily calorie intake significantly. However, the requirements are not that high. The first trimester requires no additional calories per day. The second trimester typically requires 350 or more calories per day, and the third trimester around 450 additional calories per day. Pregnant women also need to make sure they are eating enough protein. The RDA for your minimum requirement for daily protein can be calculated by multiplying your body weight in kilograms by 0.8. Pregnant women need to add 25 additional grams of protein to this number. This usually equates to around 70 grams of protein per day.
  2. Eating Unhealthy Food: Being pregnant does not get you a free pass to the pizza and ice cream buffet. Maintaining a healthy diet while pregnant is very important. If you have diabetes, make sure you are checking your glucose levels regularly and taking your medication. If you don’t, avoid high sugar foods which can raise your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, which can be harmful to your baby if left uncontrolled.
  3. Avoiding Exercise: Pregnant women often believe that they are working hard enough by sustaining a baby in their belly. Pregnancy can be tiring, and leave you feeling nauseous on top of it. However, it’s important to stay active when you can. Walk around your neighborhood or mall to get your blood pumping. Enroll in prenatal exercise classes to keep your heart and muscles in shape. You are gearing up for one of the most strenuous events in your life – labor – and you want to be in shape for it! In addition, exercise helps reduce stress, which is good for both you and your baby. Talk to Dr. Morice about your pregnancy exercise plan.
  4. Running On A Sleep Deficit: Many women report trouble sleeping during pregnancy. However, a lack of sleep can cause increased stress. Try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. If this is not possible, supplement with naps when possible. If you work during the week, take the weekends to catch up on lost sleep. Pregnancy is demanding of the body and you need all the sleep you can get! If you are consistently having trouble sleeping, schedule an appointment with Dr. Morice to discuss methods and options.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for you and your family. Stay focused to help ensure both you and your baby’s health. Dr. Morice offers low cost tubal reversal surgery. If you have any questions about tubal ligation reversal, please call us at (985) 702-BABY or schedule an appointment at drmorice@mybabydoc.com. We also offer free tubal reversal consultations over the phone.

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