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What To Expect During Labor: Stage 2

Last week we discussed Stage 1 of labor, which includes early and active labor. Tubal reversal surgeon and OB-GYN Dr. Morice can attest to the fact that every woman has a different experience during labor. He knows it is helpful, … Continue reading

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Spotting after intercourse

When you make love and have pleasant feelings, sometimes you find that you start bleeding, and this may ruin the moment for many couples. Many women ask ‘why does this happen?’

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Precautions After Tubal Reversal

After tubal reversal surgery, you will become very eager to start planning your pregnancy. You will dream of holding your cute new baby in your arms. You will start planning to welcome the new member of the family. This is … Continue reading

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Pregnancy with less tubal length

Tubal reversal is the process of reattaching the fallopian tubes that were separated in the tubal ligation process. It is now completely possible to reverse this procedure for those couples who change their mind and decide that they want to … Continue reading

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Tubal Sterilization Reversal

Sterilization is the process in which spores, living cells and viruses are completely destroyed. While “tubal sterilization” does not actually ‘kill’ anything, a tubal ligation will prevent the sperm from swimming to the egg for fertilization. When a physician performs … Continue reading

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