Still Pain in Episiotomy

Episiotomy is a surgical incision into the area between the vaginal area and anus. It may help speed delivery by letting the vagina open wide enough for childbirth. To facilitate the childbirth, doctors may place this small cut and this may prevent the vagina from tearing in an irregular line. Episiotomy requires stitches to close and heal the vagina. After episiotomy, it is important to clean the episiotomy area to prevent infection.

To get relief from the pain of an episiotomy, many women will take pain killers. The use of ointments, sprays, and warm tub baths are also suggested for pain relief. The episiotomy stitches dissolve and do not need to be removed. Normally, an episiotomy is healed up within 4 weeks, but the pain can remain for some longer time. Unfortunately, many women have this pain for a longer period of time. Many don’t have time, or feel too embarrassed to report this to their doctors or to get a check up.

The reason for prolonged pain could be that the mother is a breastfeeding mom. Due to breast feeding, the estrogen level in the vagina is below the required level. This may cause the vaginal dryness and pain in the episiotomy area. Many creams and vaginal massage can resolve minor episiotomy issues.

This is a problem which is usually resolvable through medical treatment.If painful intercourse is the problem, and you don’t obtain relief from these basic medical treatments, a more intensive treatment like surgical reversal or repair of episiotomy may help.

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