Precautions After Tubal Reversal

After tubal reversal surgery, you will become very eager to start planning your pregnancy. You will dream of holding your cute new baby in your arms. You will start planning to welcome the new member of the family. This is very natural.

After tubal reversal, there are some points to keep in mind. When women get the good news that they are pregnant, they must take good care of themselves, and even some extra care as compared to the normal pregnancy. They must also track their cycle carefully as the chance of a tubal pregnancy or a miscarriage can occur. An early appointment with their physician is very important for tubal reversal patients.

After tubal reversal, if pregnancy is not achieved after a few months, don’t get too upset or worried. In the practical study of patients, pregnancy can occur on average from 6 months to a year. These results are related to the fertility of both parents.

After tubal reversal, some patients are interested in making sure that the reversal has not healed incorrectly and that their tubes are still open. A HysteroSalpingoGram (HSG) is a good method of evaluating the success of a tubal reversal. HSG should be done by an experienced doctor.

Dr. Morice and his team provide the excellent surgical care that maximizes the chances of a successful tubal reversal. Dr. Morice is an experienced expert in performing tubal reversal surgery with Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis (MTR) techniques.

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