Menstruation after Tubal Reversal

What will be different with periods after a tubal reversal?


It all depends. Every patient has a different experience after a tubal reversal.

The very first menstrual cycle after tubal reversal could come early, or more probably, late.  It is not unusual for the first menstruation after your tubal reversal to be heavy and painful.

Management of the pain;

  • A normal pain reliever such as Motrin may provide some relief
  • Prescription pain medications will be prescribed after a tubal reversal
  • Feelings of weakness and fainting may be experienced

Some standard risks of the tubal reversal surgery may include bleeding, infection, anesthesia problems, and injury to other structures in the pelvis and abdomen.  These complications are extremely rare and the tubal reversal procedure is considered a very safe operation.

Patients must continue care with their regular obstetrician / gynecologist after their tubal reversal. Patients are instructed to wait at least two months before attempting pregnancy. Normal signs and symptoms and prior menstrual cycle patterns appear only if you are not having any other secondary medical problems. Regular follow-up is necessary.

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