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Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy Linked to Muscle Strength in Children

Dr. Morice’s tubal ligation reversal patients continue to conceive and have happy, healthy babies. Scientists also continue to discover new links between vitamin D and health. Last year, we posted a blog that discussed the link between Vitamin D exposure … Continue reading

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Dr. Morice To Help 100s of Women Conceive in 2014 with Tubal Reversal Surgery

Dr. Morice invites women from around the world who have had a tubal ligation to visit his Atchafalaya clinic for a low-cost tubal reversal in 2014. The start of 2014 marks a new year and a new opportunity to expand … Continue reading

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What is Emergency Contraception and how does it work?

Emergency contraceptive pills are becoming more widely available to men and women. Plan B One-Step, a brand of emergency contraception, is now available to all ages in the United States and is sold Two-pill versions of emergency contraception are still sold … Continue reading

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Why You Should Choose Dr. Morice for Your Tubal Reversal

The promise of conception after tubal reversal surgery is a very exciting thing for our patients. The majority of our tubal reversal patients had their tubal ligation, or tubes tied, once they thought they were done having children. Circumstances changed, … Continue reading

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Eating Peanuts During Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Peanut Allergy

Dr. Morice performs hundreds of tubal ligation reversal surgeries per year. Dr. Morice is also a skilled OB-GYN doctor at this state-of-the-art Atchafalaya clinic. When Dr. Morice is not helping his patients, he’s reading about the latest discoveries in women’s … Continue reading

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What to Expect During Labor: Stage 3

Your baby has been delivered! If your baby was born without complications, you’re soon able to hold your baby in your arms. Time seems to stand still during these precious moments. Enjoy this moment with your baby. While you may … Continue reading

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Classification and types of cyst_ Physiological cysts

You may have some questions about ovarian cysts, particularly if you are a woman in your childbearing years, because these cysts are more common among younger women.  Regardless of whether you’ve had a tubal ligation, a tubal reversal, or no … Continue reading

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The scope of ultrasounds in infertility treatments

In the past, ultrasound for infertility was done by placing a transducer on the abdomen.  This required a full bladder for greater accuracy so that the sound waves could be transmitted into the abdomen and pelvis.  However, the standard ultrasound … Continue reading

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