Can a woman become pregnant even after child birth control?

Quite a large number of women who undergo the procedure known as tubal ligation to prevent them from having more children will eventually change their minds. For some women the reason that they choose to have the procedure reversed is they want to feel whole once more, while for others, it helps to relieve the symptoms that are part of the “post tubal ligation syndrome”. For many of these women pregnancy after tubal ligation is a strong possibility. And this can be done with a tubal reversal surgery.

However, before any woman is able to undergo the procedure to have the tubal ligation reversed the surgeon will need to determine whether they are good candidates for the procedure or not. Although this particular procedure is not right for every woman, in most cases it is the most successful and cost effective way for women who have been sterilized to have children naturally once more.

This is as compared to the alternative of an IVF treatment.
There is an up to 82% chance for a woman who undergoes tubal reversal to become pregnant using the statistics from one doctor’s study of his patients. On the other hand, there is only a 10 – 30% chance for women who undergo IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment of getting pregnant on any one course of treatment.

So what is it that the surgeon will consider in order to determine whether the woman is a suitable candidate for undergoing this tubal reversal procedure? Remember the surgeon wants to increase the chances of a pregnancy after tubal ligation reversal.

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